The Main Lineup

Hannah Fairchild, sometimes referred to as Hannah vs The Many, is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and misanthrope.


You can hear her music and read her musings at:


"I've had some wine. Don't include that in the bio."


                 -Hannah Fairchild

Keith Michael Pinault is a professional actor, occasional theatre director, sometime educator, Bostonian-in-exile. A self-taught guitarist, he picked up a bass a few years back to make himself musically useful and is having a very hard time putting it down. He met Chris at a shitty serving job on the upper west side of NYC. They started playing together in the fall of 2014. More about Keith at

Hungarian-American violinist Hajnal Pivnick was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She is compelled to perform and promote music written in the 20th and 21st century, and works extensively as an educator and arts administrator. She is Co-Founder of Tenth Intervention, a collective of musicians that presents new music in New York City.

Max Maples is a drummer, composer, and educator from Brooklyn, NY. He does a lot of musicky stuff with adults and kids, but usually not at the same time. He is also a member of the Tenth Intervention new music crew.

Chris Norwood writes songs and finds incredibly talented people to perform them with. He's been doing this in earnest since 2012. He's also looking to join a D&D game if you know anybody that needs another PC.

Friends of the Band

Melissa Gordon is a performer, singer, and guitar player in New York City. She currently performs Musical Improv with Hello at The PIT and is working on an EP of original songs.

Nastasia Green is a lady who wears a lot of hats. And most of them are neon-rainbow colored. She's also a writer for the webseries Hat Trick Bitches. She's been singing with Chris since the summer of 2014.

Kristie Wortman is a North Easterner hiding out on the West Coast. She splits her time between acting and writing, and sings whenever she can. She's also an avid Harry Potter fan and mashed potatoes enthusiast.